The Sneaker Exhibit

Oct 12, 2020

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Sneaker Exhibit. The Sneaker Exhibit can be best described as the social event of the year for lovers of sneakers. You know how when people go to prom and plan their outfit down to a T, well that’s the case here. Sneakers were the focal point but the outfits that accessorized the sneakers were very thought out. You see, the sneaker is not the accessory in this case, the sneaker is the focal point and the attire is designed around accenting the sneakers. 

The SneakHer Club x The Sneaker Exhibit

It’s not often we can find events that freely let us in with sneakers. I know for me, sneakers when I go out is a luxury. This was a safe space where you could a actually look and point at someone’s sneakers and it was all love. Often times you hear people in Baltimore are haters and can never give credit. Well, this was not the case, everything was love. You had people snapping pictures of other people and complimenting their outfits. 

Sneaker Exhibit is a great space for sneaker lovers to come and party and not worry about messing up their kicks. You can pull out your best kicks if you want and know that they will be respected here. The vendors were also full of love and dressed the part. It’s not uncommon to attend a themed event and the vendors don’t fall inline with the theme. I made a purchase from March and Style and though the owner was working on custom pieces, she made the time to tell me thank you after my purchase. She then came out and stopped my to take a picture with her sign, so I had to have her in it. She was super nice!

The creator of our fashion mood boards JB_perceived

Outside of the vendors, there were some interactive atttactions. We had a table where we could design a sneaker box. I’m not very creative with my hands so JB_Perceived wrote SneakerClub on my box for me and I used it as a prop for the rest of the night. I also was able to walk past @tyartlover to see her painting live! But what may have stole the show was the 360 photo booth! Everyone loved feeling like a celebrity and getting footage of their full outfits including the sneakers. For me, it was a bit intimidating at first but I did it and glad that I did. It was so very fun. But, because so many people where in line for the photos the WiFi was kind of slowing sending everyone’s photos the their phones.

Even though everyone wanted to speak the to the event host Tashia, I went over and thanked her for inviting me. You see, I was personally invited and that meant tons to me. So I introduced myself and it was like we had known each other for years. It wasn’t like we had time to have a detailed conversation, but she had such a welcoming personality! We will definitely have to link up at a later time! All in all, it was a great social event for the person who loves to wear sneakers and even those who aren’t hooked on sneakers like me. It was peaceful, positive, and fun. I left already thinking about what am I going to wear next year!

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