Sneakher Club’s Youtube Channels to Watch

Sep 14, 2020

You can easily go down the rabbit hole on youtube. If you are interested in sneakers, there are plenty of channels to watch. You can watch the big blog channels like complex or influencers who really care about the quality of the sneakers or care about issues in the sneaker industry. We often see the men with sneaker channels receiving early release footwear and gifts from the big companies. But what about the women, who are not necessarily thought of when you think of sneaker influencers. Women have a lot of influence on the sneaker world that often times goes unnoticed. When you go to YouTube and type sneakers in the search bar, you usually see a list of male influencers or the big blogs who have men as the forefront. Keep searching and then you find some pretty dope women who deserve more credit! A woman can influence other women and men on whats hot and trending. Women also spend more money shopping!


Women and Global Spending

Women control over $20 trillion in worldwide spending.

(Source: Muhtar Kent, Chairman of the Board and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company, October 2010)

Women and U.S. Spending

  • The purchasing power of women in the U.S. ranges from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually. (Source: Nielsen Consumer, 2013)
  • Women control more than 60% of all personal wealth in the U.S. (Source: Federal Reserve, MassMutual Financial Group, BusinessWeek, Gallup)
  • Women purchase over 50% of traditional male products, including automobiles, home improvement products, and consumer electronics. (Source: Andrea Learned, “Don’t Think Pink”)
  • Approximately 40% of U.S. working women now out-earn their husbands. (Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics)

This chart was sourced from https://girlpowermarketing.com/statistics-purchasing-power-women/

Women tend to shop for themselves and for their friends and families- so why wouldn’t the female influencers receive more credit in the sneaker industry. Not knocking the men, but we need more recognition in this industry. You see the Jordan brand has been pumping out the women’s releases because women love sneakers too!

Here are some of our favorite channels to watch from women.

Feetz n Treatz

 We love the SneakHer Queens podcast where she interviews women who are in the sneaker industry. Men and women both engage in her live videos with her guest. I have even recently started watching her version of Fashion Police where the panel is so fully opinionated just like Joan River’s version. Its exciting to watch as her content continually develops and is very engaging. 


SneakHER Head

Not only does she speak on the hottest sneakers, but she empowers the viewer with her devotion to Christianity. Her openness about her faith in God on her page is refreshing and not something that you see often. She has a humbleness and grace about her that makes her seem like the girl next door.


ShansGotSole TV

Shans got it all! We love the 1 Minute Kick videos and the latest pick-ups. She keeps us updated on her “What Did You Wear Today” where you can grab a peak of her awesome sneaker collection and how she styled the sneaker. Shan also offers advice to those who want to learn about branding with her “brand school”. It is great that she offered the information that she has acquired and pass it on.


Talks With TJ

This channel continues to put out videos. She consistently posts content of a high quality at a rate equal to that of her male peers and making sure that women in the sneaker community are at the forefront. She also keeps up with a casual streetwise style. 


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