Sex & Sneakers IV

Mar 18, 2021

It was a warm night in April and luckily me and friends were going to a white party. I’m guessing the notion to start wearing white after Labor Day had gone out of the window. Anyway we were going to an outdoor white party in the evening. I picked up my friend Lo and we headed downtown to meet my other friends. We laughed, talked about work, and talked about guys. 

I loved that this was a bit more relaxed event we were going to. Lo had found me some cute white joggers that hugged my small hips but were still comfortable and a wife beater tucked in to show what shape I do have . I loved how simple the  outfit was. I cut a small “v” at the top of the wife beater and layered two yellow gold chains. I wore an ankle bracelet with my logo on it that added a dab of glimmer to my sneakers. I decided to wear my all white Sacai LD Waffle. I would have wore my brand new blazers that Jeff gave me but I thought the Sacai’s looked better with these joggers. 

When we pulled up, I saw all the girls walking in in heels and short dresses. You know white parties everyone wants to have a pop color or metallics. For me my pop color was my brown skin. The white looked good on me and I knew it. The dainty yellow gold jewelry I wore laid on my skin. My hair was bone straight; I told my stylist to pull it out of the roots. I knew I looked good and I felt good. I felt so good because I was comfortable. I also felt good because I knew how hard to get my sneakers were and I was able to purchase them at retail. It was like a turn on to me-knowing the current value of sneakers.

We walked in and I swear everyone could feel my energy. It was a confidence that was very natural to me. In a room full of women with heels or red bottom sneakers, here comes this girl with all white Nike’s. I looked like a damn sneaker goddess. We walked past the bar and heads kept looking down at my feet. A guy stopped me and grabbed my arm and pulled me in close, I gave him a once over. He was average but he did have on some Off White UNC 1’s- one of the pair on my grails list. He wanted to say he liked my sneakers and not a choice he was expecting from a lady at this party. Which was a lie because the group he was with had a girl with some air max’s on. I smiled politely and thanked him. 

He still had my arm in his hand as he was telling me he was looking forward to grabbing a pair of Sacai’s. He asked me where I got them from and if they were comfortable. Sneaker small talk- which was always easy for me. It’s normally a gateway conversation. I was telling him about my website when I felt a pair of eyes on me. And baby, it was Corey. He was standing on the other side of the bar with his friends, engaged in their conversation, but looking at me. I continue my conversation but added a bit more smile as I told homeboy where he could find the best reseller prices or where to preorder sneakers from. 

I gave the guy a pack of shoe strings and told him to have a good night that I was wanted to go with my friends. He asked could he see me later, I told him follow me online. I wasn’t rude but I was straight forward. I sat down with my friends and caught up on their conversation. Lo tapped me and said isn’t that the guy that was at Rock Bar the other night and pointed. I looked at where she pointed and I looked down at the feet first. I saw the same sneakers I had on followed by some sweatpants. They call me and Lo pervs but I stopped right under this mans waist. I mean he had on sweat pants and you could see the imprint. I smirked and I kept traveling up to see one of those soft cotton tshirts that falls gently on a mans pecs. Well it fell just right on his pecs and the sleeves loosely hugged this biceps. 

You could tell he lifts weights but is also athletic. Some men go in the gym and lift but whatever he is doing was working well for him. I got pass the pecs and saw a single gold chain on his chest. It was like we got dressed alike for some photos. When I got to the face, Corey was looking dead in my eyes. He started making his way over and I wasn’t about to seem nervous so as he walked towards me I kept looking him dead in his eyes. When he got close I said “nice sneakers.

He smiled a sly smile then leaned in close. I could smell the Creed all over him. That was like a chick magnet. He leaned in and asked why hadn’t I called him? I turned to face him, placed my hands on his arms to assist me as I stood on my tippy toes and softly say in his ear “don’t step on my shoes again.” When he first walked over to speak his sneakers touched mine. I know it was an accident and it was a slight touch of the sneakers but it still caught him off guard. As I was about to let him arms go, he grabbed to pull me back in. I was so close now that I could feel everything in his front pockets – I mean I felt everything in his front pockets. He said to me “that ankle bracelet looks nice on you.” 

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