Sex & Sneakers II

Jan 22, 2021

Remember when I said I can captivate just as much attention as the woman with heels on walking into a room can? It’s my smile and conversation! But it’s also my sneakers. You see, I’ve got them curious now. And whomever I choose to entertain tonight will be hooked on my vibe. Yes, who I CHOOSE! I’m confident in these sneakers and I’m confident in myself. These sneakers just add a boost! 

As I’m telling you this, I am really in a room right now of eligible and ineligible men. I’m simple in my clothing choices because styling my clothes isn’t my strongest asset and my sneakers are going to take over. Tonight I am in a black satin cami dress that’s scoops low on my chest to see the perfect amount of cleavage.  It stops right before my knees with a high split. Simple right! My friends have on dresses with more bells and whistles meaning buttons and patterns. And of course, they have on heels. Me, I have on the Melody Eshani Air Jordan 1’s. I’m not sure if it’s the the two different color sneakers or the gold watch accenting the front, or it could be that I had the audacity to walk in here with some sneakers on. 

As we sat at our table laughing and talking, I scanned the room. I saw exactly who I wanted to give my attention to tonight. You know the sound that heels make when you walk across a hard floor, yeah my sneakers don’t typically make a sound. For some reason I love that, makes me feel like I’m in stealth mode. I also don’t want you to hear me coming but feel me coming. So back to the chosen one, we’ve been stealing glances at each other for a bit now. But this time when he looks at me, I decide to go over to the bar to order some drinks for the table. Once he sees me sit on the bar stool, he gets up from his table and makes his way over 

Yup , he’s tall. Not too tall but perfect for me. I’m 5’2 so it doesn’t take much to be taller then me. But you need to be tall enough for those rare days when I throw on a heel and you can still have some inches over me. He looks about 6ft give or take. He has a Caesat fade, clean face, and skin just a shade darker than milk chocolate. So far so good but as he gets closer I can smell him. I’m not sure what cologne it is but it smells so good. Just imagine your favorite scent on a guy to help your imagination. You can even see his biceps through his long sleeve button up. 

He pulled up the chair next to me and looked at my sneakers. I said “my eyes are up here.” He laughed and I cracked a smile. He said “I like your shoes. Kind of an odd choice but I dig it.” You see I get that a lot so it didn’t really phase me. He started to compliment my sneakers and started talking about some upcoming releases that he knew he wanted to grab. I told him which  ones that he mentioned that I liked and which ones I didn’t like. He went on to tell me about the first pair of sneakers that he ever purchased for himself.  I was watching him as his eyes lit up to tell me the story behind his first sneaker purchase. He stopped suddenly and said that he felt a slight nervousness because I was looking him in his eyes and it felt like we were the only two people in the room- seems like words from a movie right? But I have been there before where it feels like time is still and the room is empty.

I laughed it off but I knew my gaze was known to distract men. After he said it, a guy walked up to us to tell me he really liked my sneakers. He said he wanted to buy his girlfriend a pair but he wasn’t sure if she would even wear them and couldn’t risk it for what he would have paid. I told him to grab her the Lightbulb mid Jordans that had the same color scheme but didn’t include the watches or phrases for a lot less money. As he inquired about what to get her since she wasn’t the sneaker type, I gave him some recommendations and a pack a shoe laces that included my website and social media before he walked off (that was a not so shameful business plug). 

The guy I was sitting with was watching intently as we talked. I could feel his eyes on my lips as if he was holding onto every word. He was even more intrigued and asked what did I say I did again for a living. I never mentioned what I did. We didn’t even exchange names. I smiled and as I stood up I placed my hand just above his knee for leverage. I went back to my table without the drinks. I never even ordered the drinks.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him talking to the bartender and pointing to our table. A few minutes later he had a round for the table and was coming toward us. 

He introduced himself to the table. I never got his name before so now I know it. It was Corey. He looked dead at me, I’m guessing so I wouldn’t forget it. He said “I never got your name.” “It’s Denise” I said as I picked up my phone to check my notifications. He grabbed my phone and said he was texting himself so I could have his number. He placed it back in my hand and allowed his fingers to gently touch the back of hand as he looked me dead in my eyes- it was now my turn to feel like we were the only two people in the room.

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