My Year in Sneakers – The Shoes I copped in 2020

Jan 4, 2021

In 2020, I made a few purchases as far as sneakers for myself. I kept mosh of them but I did get rid of some. Let’s start with what I got I rid of after I purchased. I got rid of my rose gold nite joggers. I really wanted them but they were cut too big.

Then after careful consideration, I got rid of my Off White Jordan 4s. Those have been named the best sneaker for 2020 but I personally did not like the sneaker. I did not want to keep it when I could use the space for something I would like. Now that they are gone, I should have kept them lol. I feel like maybe one day it would have been nice to wear somewhere but they are gone now.

So what did I purchase for myself and keep this year? A lot! I grabbed two pair of Air Max 2090’s -not at the same time. One coral and one grey. I think they are some of the most comfortable sneakers and great for running errands or warm months. But they are not good in the rain.

I grabbed a pair of Nike React Element 55. They are so light weight and super comfortable. I would say they are not great for exercises like mountain climbers on carpet. They slide all around.

I grabbed some UA running shoes with Bluetooth capability to track how I place my feet when I am running.
I grabbed a pair of Air Max 90s with volt. I will just say I was unimpressed with the quality.

Three pair of Vans made it in. A pink stacked platform and the black stacked platform. I also grabbed the classic low top black and white vans.

Ivy Park Platform Shell Toe- not a fan.

New Balance Racer X grabbed and not what I thought.

Puma Future Riders that I had been eyeing though I may need a half size bigger.

A pair of lavender shell toes because they were on sale.

University Gold 12s- The 12s are cool and I wanted these colors in my closet.

Light bulb AJ1 Mid- I love this mid. The soft colors are nice for Spring and Summer and receive a lot of attention.

Off White Rubber Dunk Black and Green- I was surprised I grabbed these for retail. They are easy to clean and I can throw them on to do some running around.

Off White Vapor Max- when I saw these last year I questioned how one would walk. I grabbed these as a Christmas gift to myself and they are really comfortable. Walking at first was different. I wobbled a bit but I soon got the hang of it.

Tie Dye Jordan 1-one of my favorite pick ups. I love how tie dye looks good on this sneaker. I paid above retail but knew I wanted them. I love the Jordan 1 and in recent years I will go grab something tie dye. I can wear something super plain with these and they still stand out.

Satin Snakeskin Jordan 1- one of my other favorite pick ups! I love the snake and the red. I had the satin black toe but sold them last year. These were close to those in my opinion. I really love the detail in the snake.

Bio Hack Jordan 1- I knew I would end up paying above retail for these. I love all of the colors and the placement on the sneaker. These stand out!

Lucky Green Jordan 1- Initially I was going to pass because of the shade of green. But my daughter requested a pair and she stays away from greens and non-sparkles or heels. I grabbed hers and then was able to get my size retail also. I loved them when I finally put them on and so did she. I love the quality and the shade of green.

Anthracite Foamposite- A Baltimore Favorite! I wear these on a regular already. I was against paying $200 for GS sizes but I am glad I did. I mopped in these, put up Christmas lights outside in these, ran errands, and everything but did not take a picture in mine. They also seem easy to clean.

Laser Orange Jordan 3- the leather is great on these. I am not a fan on mostly white sneakers but they are made really well. They are also comfortable.

What the 5

Metallic Jordan 1- These look way better in person. I just got them in a package and will break them out eventually.

Air Max 95 Neon- Still in the box. They just came in! But, I remember seeing these growing up. I had a few pair of 95s but in different colors.

Jordan 11 Jubilee- I grabbed these to compare to my Space Jam 11s. I was lucky enough to win an in store raffle and they have been sitting in a bag by the front door.

Converse Run Star Hike in Mustard – Mine are a half size too big. They are comfortable but cut big. I would like to add a leather pair to my closet.

And a Christmas gift that just came – AJ1 UNC to CHI! These have been on my list to grab and I kept throwing out very specific hints that I wanted these.

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