My SneakHer Grails

Aug 10, 2020

Every true SneakHer Head has their list of Grails. For the uninitiated, a Grail is the sneaker or sneakers that you don’t have that you want the most. Sometimes its because they were a hyped limited release, other times maybe you were at a point where it just didn’t work out for you to get them at the time. These are mine.

Off White x Nike Blazer Serena Williams Queen

First of all, the style of the shoe is a great spin on the Blazer, and i especially like the gradient on the sole and the colors themselves. I also love the fact that a black woman was able to have a sneaker that sold out in minutes after a surprise drop.

Off White x Air Jordan 1 UNC

Jordan 1 is my favorite Jordan silhouette and I am a huge fan of how the UNC colors are placed on the sneaker and I kick myself for sleeping on it at first.

Red Velvet Jordan 11

Here is a story about how when you are on a budget, sometimes you have to make choices. I had these in my hand at the register but instead opted to get the Jordan 11 Space Jam. I should have gotten these because the women’s shoe is much more comfortable on foot than the regular 11 and the material is more comfortable on the front than the patent leather of the regular 11.

Jordan 1 Chameleon All Star

Again, my favorite silhouette, but I am a sucker for gradients and transitions and this Jordan has one of my favorite ones.

Jordan 1 UNC to Chicago

Another woman’s Jordan that I slept on and seeing sneakHer heads rocking it since it dropped has made me want them even more.

Satin Shattered Backboard Jordan 1

The Satin style softens the shoe and helps it retain a feminine look, but the main reason is that for those from my city, they know how much some of us revere the best high school in the area, Baltimore City College High School and these are the ultimate City Forever Jordans.

Satin Black Toe Jordan 1

When you’re on a budget, sometimes you make choices and I flipped these to pay a bill. It happens, and now my collection is missing a Jordan 1 with classic Bulls colors.

Fearless Melody Eshani Jordan 1

I like the watch and the motivational phrases on the shoe stand out and speak to me when I look at them and the idea of women in this industry.

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