Basic SneakHers

May 15, 2020

Whether or not you’re a budding SneakHer Head or just someone who wants to add some variety to their shoe game, there are some basic shoes that will never go out of style and are great to start with. With several of these, the style is so classic that you can easily add a lot of variety by changing up the colorways if you prefer to go in that direction. These also make great gifts at any time when you’re stumped on what to give the SneakHer head in your life. Check out the list below.

Nike Air Max 90 – This style is very sleek and a classic Nike shoe. The colorways vary from bolds to mild colors. You can find a pair to go with any colors that you have on. But, be careful depending on the significance of the colorway, the shoe can be pricey and hard to obtain.

Adidas Superstar – AKA the Shell Heads. This shoe is a pure classic from the early days on Hip-Hop. You can find the shoe in all white, white with colorful stripes, all black, or black with white stripes. This low top shoe is always perfect but can be also purchased in a high top called the Adidas Pro. What’s even better, Adidas has added some many prints to this classic shoe to switch it up more.

Vans – The van is a very comfortable shoe that has a collection with pastels, solids, checkerboard, and even color blocking. This comfortable shoe can be dressed up or dressed down. It also comes in a low and high top selection.

Converse Chuck Taylor– This ultra popular shoe is great for the warmer months. The shoe is lightweight and easy to wash. The shoes come in so many bright and bold colors and patterns. They have even added all leather Chuck Taylors – which can be worn in the colder months- to the collection. It comes in low and high top variations. The shoe is very affordable and at a Converse outlet can be snagged during a great sale.

Nike Air Force 1 – This shoe seems to never go out of style. It is a very crisp shoe that is easy to acquire. It’s a classic shoe that you can add to your shoe collection and wear anytime.

Nike Air Jordan I – This shoe might just be replacing the Air Force 1 as the most ubiquitous shoe that Nike offers. With plenty of new colorways and collaborations, the Air Jordan I allows you to hit all of the areas from everyday wear to luxury centerpiece in one style

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